An appeal to those able to help.

Update for a video explaining her situation, May 22nd, 2015.

My fan-made call for help on her behalf made some time ago.

MaryAnne, known on the internet as Ysabella Brave, has had major financial & health difficulties in recent years, that have made her standard of living what many likely consider to be far below the poverty line. Family and friends have been incapable of providing for her sufficiently in her time of need. To continue living I feel she needs at the least monetary assistance from whomever may be willing to help.

Ysabella Brave has been suffering from Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and from what I’ve heard, a long list of additional health issues. She has suffered from some of these since she was nine years of age. The intensity of her conditions has varied through the years, but it has been particularly hard for her in these last four (2009-2012).

The loss of her position as a fraud analyst, during layoffs at Yahoo near the end of 2008, came as a result of the difficult financial situation of the country, and made her incapable of maintaining her financial independence. It came at a time when she was already weakened from a flare-up of her chronic illnesses.

Basic tasks such as eating, walking, sitting, and talking have been made extremely painful and oftentimes impossible for her as a result of her conditions, and the extremely limited resources she has had available to her.

She is in dire need of financial assistance to pay for medical bills, food and shelter. In order to eat and sleep she has needed pain medication, which she is not able to afford on her own.

MaryAnne is still recovering from surgery received in October of 2012. She is now, and for long stretches of time in recent years has been at death’s door. There’s not a whole lot keeping her going other than her faith, prayer from herself and others, and her own inner strength.

The gifts she’s given to her fan base on YouTube are many. MaryAnne is a singer, songwriter, composer, dancer, cinematographer, photographer, visual & audio editor, and more. She has shared her talents and wisdom with the world, without asking anything in return.

Though I believe MaryAnne has looked into a variety of government/public programs and institutions to see if they could help her in the past, there may be some that went overlooked. Contact us with any information you feel may be of help to her, and we will look into it.

If you can send a gift of direct financial assistance, she asks that you send it to her through PayPal. This is the link she has provided:

I’ll continue to provide more information as this site is developed.

For those who may want to contribute, but do not have money, skills and other tangible or intangible resources to spare towards that end, you can help by spreading the word for her, and sharing this website. Thank you for visiting, and thank you to those who choose to help.